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Propped Productions 3″ Cinewhoop V1


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After tons of R&D and flying all kinds of different cinewhoops on the market, it was time to hit the drawing boards. Most platforms offered features we loved but under performed, didn’t last or had other issues, like flex and resonance, that affected tuning. Torture tested in high winds, harsh winter cold and tons of daily professional use. The Propped Productions 3″ ducted whoop has the following strong points:

  • 4mm Carbon Fiber Uni Body Bottom Plate
  • 2mm Carbon Fiber Top Plate
  • Designed & Tested In Cleveland, Ohio
  • Carbon Is Cut In Canada, NOT CHINA
  • Tons Of Mounting Points for 20×20 Stacks, Split Stacks, Analog And Digital Systems
  • 3 Point Variable Cam Mount
  • 30mm Of Height For Components
  • Functional, Flow Tested, Short Ducts. Designed With HQ Props 6 Blade Props For Extra Lift
  • Thicker Than Average Duct Walls To Prevent Duct Flex Into Props
  • 6s Battery Size From 550-850mah
  • 4-5 Minutes of Flight Time Based Approximately
  • Stainless Cap Screws On Lower Frame Body
  • Knurled Standoffs For Ducts (holds ducts solid), Smooth Standoffs On Inner Body
  • Fits Full Size And Naked Go Pros
  • Optimized for 1507 or 2204 Motors (12mm mounting pattern)
  • Large Battery Strap Slots For Multiple Straps Or CG Balancing
  • Camera “Chin” To Prevent Cam “Kick Up” When Hitting Objects Hard

This frame has been designed to be flown professionally, daily and can stand up to the rigors of heavy use. To make it a fully functional kit it is sold with a few options, please select appropriately upon ordering. If you don’t see the camera mount you need or a certain mounting feature, no problem. Ask and we will gladly design the 3d printed part for you. Contact us.

Kits include

  • Top and bottom plate
  • All allen head hardware. Including cap screws for motors.
  • ¬†Stainless fasteners (besides motor screws)
  • Standoffs
  • With or Without TPU (print your own files easily downloaded)
  • Analog or Digital Cam Mounts (14 or 19mm cam mounts)

TPU Kits Include

  • Full set of ducts
  • 14 or 19mm FPV cam mount
  • Landing skids for under each motor
  • Antenna mount for VTX antenna
  • Variable Angle Go Pro mount (Hero 6, 7, 8, or 9)

Recommended Build Parts

  • 20×20 Flight Controller and 4n1 ESC
  • 1507 or 2204 motors for 6s (2700-2800kv 1507 or 1700-1800 2204)
  • Analog 20×20 or smaller VTX
  • Caddx Vista for DJI
  • 6 Blade HQProp 3″ props (75mm ducted)
  • 14mm or 19mm FPV Cam
  • TBS Crossfire or similar RX
  • Gopro Hero 7 (lightest weight OEM) or Gopro Hero 8
  • ¬†550-850 6s batteries


Additional information

Frame and Hardware

Frame Carbon and Hardware


No TPU, Yes Red, Yes Blue

FPV Cam Type

No TPU, Analog 14mm Cam, Analog 19mm Cam, Digital 19mm Cam,

Go Pro Hero Mount

No TPU, GoPro Hero 7 Mount, GoPro Hero 8 Mount, GoPro Hero 9 Mount