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Drone CLE is a team effort to bring the skills of a group of experienced drone pilots to the local community of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Teaming up with Propped Productions and several other drone pilots in the area we offer a mix of everything the world of drones has to offer. Many of our pilots have been flying since drone frames were difficult to build and carbon fiber was a thing of dreams. Professional, FAA Part 107 experienced pilots offer training, group outings, STEM education, repairs and more. Click below to find out more. 

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Propped Productions

our premium partner

Based out of Cleveland, Ohio Propped Productions is a small family owned company with a handful of dedicated employees, sharing a passion for creating engaging media and content.

Propped Productions offers a full range of state of the art media solutions. Specializing in photographyvideo production and state of the art drone media

A focus on fine art photography and video production is at Propped Productions core. From basic photo shoots to full films they have a solution to meet your needs, at any budget. 

Featuring the latest in technology allowing them to get the camera where you want, for the shots that you dream. 

The fast paced footage of a drones “First Person View”, FPV is quickly becoming the most exciting format for content. Mixing ground and aerial views adds another dimension to your event, wedding, advertisement, or video project.  Utilizing a mix of traditional hand held capture along with state of the art drones Propped Productions is able to create content that turns heads and wows viewers. All pilots are commercially licensed by the FAA and have thousands of hours of flight experience.

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-“Serious drones for serious work”

The Drones

The equipment we love

From 3″ custom cinewhoops with our own specially designed carbon and ducts to large cinelifters capable of carrying the latest in cinema gear we are versed in everything drone. 

Take a look at some of our favorite platforms below. Questions? Contact us today to find out more, connect and come fly!

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